Sell in our store in Barcelona

Slow fashion and fair trade brands

What do I need to register as a seller?

First of all you will have to contact with us so that we can know your brand better and evaluate if it fits in VELVET BCN.

It is possible that we ask you for more information about the type of production, materials or images to make sure that your products meet the characteristics that our potential clientele seeks and, therefore, will have a greater chance of sale.

Once we review your information, you will have to register on our page. Once registered we will be awarded a seller's account with which you can manage all your products, sales, commissions ...

What are the benefits of selling in our Barcelona store?

We believe that the good location as a store in Barcelona offers an unbeatable showcase to sell and publicize your brand. Due to the large number of visits received by the store, you will have first hand the acceptance received by the collection and the brand. If you want to know something specifically about what colors, sizes, or products you like the most, do not hesitate to ask us

Sell on warehouse in VELVET BCN

What does it mean to be a provider to a deposit?

To work with a deposit means to cede your products without purchasing cost, so that VELVET BCN will take care of selling them in the store.

What can I do as a seller'

What can I do as a seller?

  • Manage your products
  • Export and mass import your products.
  • Manage your profile.
  • Review your commission history.
  • Manage your orders.
  • Set up your commission collection form.
  • Review earnings in a given period.
  • Request the withdrawal of funds.
Is there a contract?

Yes, we will make a contract where we will specify all the details so that both parties know what the conditions of being part of VELVET BCN are.

Will you sell my products online?

If you agree we will love being able to offer your products online too. Unlike in the MarketPlace, VELVET BCN will take over the sale, packaging and we will only have for sale the quantities that we have in the physical store. It is a good opportunity for our customers to see your product before coming to the store.

To sell the products online we provide you with some photography rules of VELVET BCN. These recommendations are a key factor to guarantee the highest possible quality of the catalog and its sales.

Do you promote the brands to deposit in your networks?

Our goal is to promote and promote Sustainable Fashion, for that reason we try to give maximum visibility to local brands of Sustainable Fashion and Fair Trade.

We create publications in our networks and Newsletter to inform all the brands to deposit that work with VELVET BCN. In addition to conducting personalized interviews with local brands that we publish on our blog.

What will I have to do if you accept my products to deposit?

We will provide you with the necessary documentation so that you fill it in and return it signed. We will include the terms and conditions, we will ask you for a delivery note with all the products that you will send us, in addition to all your billing information and bank account where we will make the payment of your invoices.

Can I withdraw products from the VELVET BCN warehouse?

No, the products can not be withdrawn in the period we have agreed. Consider that the products you offer to deposit are for sale in VELVET BCN.

We understand that exceptionally you may need some of your products. If so, please write to with the delivery note indicating the products you want to remove from our warehouse. On a working day we will have the product that you have requested ready for you to pick it up.

How will I know how many products I have sold in VELVET BCN?

Monthly we will provide you a summary with all your products sold in VELVET BCN.

How do repositions of product to deposit work?

Each month you can see how many products have been sold for each model. If you can, you can replace the stock.

If it is possible and you are interested, you can write to and we will establish how to manage the new shipment of merchandise to VELVET BCN.

Who is responsible for transporting my products to the store?

You are responsible for sending your products to our warehouse and picking them up in the event of a change of season or to finalize our collaboration.

Rates and invoices

How much does it cost to add a product to the catalog?

Add a product to deposit to the catalog of the store in Barcelona or the online store has no cost.

What percentage of the sale remains VELVET BCN?

It corresponds to VELVET BCN 50% of the sale made when we work to deposit. This includes the sales management in the Barcelona store, catalog upload and any advertising or promotion campaign in which your brand is involved.

How and when do I will get paid?

At the end of each month you can send us an invoice with the sales made during the month. You can do this by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your merchant account on our website
  • Click on "Withdraw funds" in the left column
  • Review and select the sales of the month you want to charge
  • Attach the corresponding invoice

Once you do, in the following days you will receive income from your sales.

What happens if I do not receive the bill payment?

Do not worry, you will charge that bill. Exactly for that reason we make a contract. Working as a provider to deposit means collaboration and mutual trust. First of all we ask for understanding and patience, the same that you will always find on our part. If your payment does not arrive please write to us at or call us and we will do everything possible to solve this situation immediately.

What are the requirements to be part of VELVET BCN?

You must be a brand of Sustainable and Fair Trade products and accept the terms and conditions of sale to the VELVET BCN deposit.

What happens if after the agreed time I do not want to continue working as a warehouse in VELVET BCN?

In case any of the parties does not want to continue working together we will send you a delivery note with all the remaining products in our warehouse. Once reviewed and we agree you must collect your products from our warehouse. We will remove all products from our catalog. We will review and pay the pending invoices.

I would like to make a promotional campaign in VELVET BCN

As a local brand to deposit we create campaigns to promote Sustainable Fashion and Fair Trade. If apart from the promotions we already do to collaborate with VELVET BCN you want to create a specific campaign to better position your brand in our stores, you can check the different options here.

Sales and promotions

What are the sales and promotions?

In VELVET BCN we make rebates twice a year:

  • Summer: as of July 1
  • Winter: from January 7

We will send you an email to remind you that the dates are approaching.

How are products added to the sales?

VELVET BCN will not change the price of your products in case you want your products to be reduced in our catalog you must write to in advance and indicate the percentage of reduction to each of your products so that we can adapt your catalog to the bell

How does the price of sales or special promotions affect the percentage agreed with VELVET BCN?

The comission of selling agreed will be applied to the final price of the product on sale or on special promotion.