5 Tips to Make Your Life More Sustainable

5 consells per fer la teva vida més sostenible

For us, awareness of sustainability goes far beyond just Sustainable Fashion. We believe and every day we try to make our life as ecological as possible. We hope you find them useful!

VELVET BCN - Reducir emisions CO2

1. Get on public transport or take a walk

Reduce your CO2 emissions

We will not ignore the comfort of using a motorcycle and a car to get around, but now more than ever it is good to think about taking advantage of any opportunity to stretch your legs. Be aware of the good handful of kg of CO2 that we do not send to the air we breathe when we save ourselves a car trip.

VELVET BCN - Sostenibilitat i reciclatge

2. Recycle and recycle well

A small effort with an impact for many years

By now it seems more and more integrated in all of us, although sometimes we are forgotten or perhaps we are lazy. We will not enter into the debate about the ultimate beneficiaries of our effort, but rather that we want to focus on our responsibility to try not to send our garbage where it should'nt be.

VELVET BCN- Zero waste

3. Zero Waste mentality

Reduce Reuse Reuse

Luckily old bulk shopping habits are recovering and we have more and more options in every neighborhood. Incorporating products into our daily lives that allow us to avoid to the maximum the use of plastic packaging is a big step, which does not mean that it is effortless.

VELVET BCN - Moda Sostenible i productes ecològics

4. Commitment to organic products

Responsible consumption

There is nothing more positive than betting on sustainably produced products. In this way you guarantee that what you consume takes into account the planet. And while unfortunately 100% of our needs are not yet covered, fortunately in recent years a lot of alternatives have emerged that allow us to live more and more ecologically.

VELVET BCN - Dieta vegetariana

5. A more rich vegetable diet

Not exclusive to animalists

Although it does not seem directly related, it has been shown that the meat production industry has a very negative impact on the environment. And it’s not a matter of “cow gases” as is often used to make fun of and downplay, the issue is very real and goes much further. We know it’s an awkward topic for many of us, but it’s definitely worth thinking about.


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