Bloi, ethical and sustainable fashion made in Barcelona


We introduce you to Núria Vallana, designer and founder of BLOI. An Sustainable Fashion and Fair Trade brand made in Barcelona with clear ideas, naturality and always a smile.

What were your first steps?

I'm a fashion designer for more than 10 years. I designed for different brands of fashion and distribution and one of them was an ecological brand, the Nagore brand of shoes.
Based on my experience in Nagore, I came up with the idea of ​​creating a collection of organic clothing, and so I encouraged myself to make my own brand of clothing.
I decided to bet for ecological fashion because I think it is important to have the option of dressing well without harming the environment or that it involves the slaughter of working conditions for many people.

What makes you working every day? What inspires BLOI?

The BLOI brand is of sober and functional lines, since our great goal was to be able to bring ecological fashion to the better people. For this reason we created a style of clothing for a wide audience, they are perfect clothes as a basic closet. They can be combined in a thousand ways and a multitude of styles. In other words, you can wear a BLOI outfit with a pair of sneakers and a casual bag, giving it a carefree style, such as combining it with heeled shoes and a clutch and this can be a perfect dress for dinner or at the theatre.

All your designs are made with organic and sustainable fabrics.

BLOI's main objective is to make Ecological Fashion. They are concepts that many people ask what exactly it means to be ecological or sustainable. Making ecological fashion means using materials that do not harm the environment.

For example, most of our designs are made from Organic Cotton. This is an organic fiber because unlike traditional cotton is grown without pesticides, it also takes care of the dyeing process and finishes that do not intervene toxic chemicals, neither for people nor for the environment. In addition, we work with Organic Cotton that has the GOTS certificate, which in addition to ensuring that it is ecological also guarantees that it is fair trade, means, that it has paid a fair price to the farmer and  people who work in textile factories also have fair working conditions

In the past collections you have used recycled fabrics. Why did you get them incorporated?

As you say, we also have recycled fabrics, which today are the ones that could be considered the most ecological of all, since they are the only ones that allow us to make a circular industrial cycle, that is, that the material we use to create a The product is recovered to produce new ones, and thus cyclically without generating waste or exploiting natural resources. It is what has been done with glass for centuries. But in reality it could be done with most of the materials we use; but the system that we have is cheaper to make a product and throw it into a landfill that will recover this material and reuse it and give it a new life.
We use recycled cotton, from recycled Texans only, and others from the remains of the textile industry, which is one of the most polluting in the world. When recycling this cotton we avoid on exploring the soil, eliminating dyeing processes, as they are recycled by color, and save hundreds of liters of water in the production of this fiber.

Do you plan on incorporating any new fabric?

We have also begun to use recycled PET fiber, it is a new fiber from recycled plastic bottles. It is very interesting because in one of the conferences on ecology they explained that if all the plastic we have in the world was recycled. There will be no need to extract more oil! The oil industry is the world's first pollutant, can you imagine what would happen if we began to consume less plastic and what we consumed was only recycled? I think it would be a GREAT change! Sometimes we do not know the Force we have to change things because we do not have the necessary information.

How do you rate these early years?

Starting a project always requires a lot of work and sacrifice. If it is already difficult to undertake any project, doing so in the world of ecology adds extra difficulty. But knowing that what you are doing can change the world, even if only a little bit, it is a very big motivation.

What is the future of Bloi?

The future of BLOI is to follow this path, we firmly believe that things can change between the sum of many people's efforts things could change, so it is a long-term project, that we will gradually add more and more people who think in the same way . As Captain Lettuus (a famous hero in a tv catalan show) said ... small changes are powerful!
P.D: is my favorite superhero: P


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