Ecological books for the Books Day Gift

VELVET BCN-libros para tener una vida más ecológica

Few things are so vibrant how to discover new ideas, make great look, imagine new landscapes and adventures that you did not even think they existed. We are very happy to have incorporated a new section with books on our website and have the new collection of Editorial Pollen. An editorial with a social and sustainable perspective, which today allows you to bring you five very different recommendations so you can choose a well-original gift for this Book's Day.

VELVET BCN - libro residuo cero

1. Residuo cero en casa (esp)

Tips to minimize the impact of our waste

From time to time we ask ourselves how suddenly we are surrounded by a stack of plastics... When you every day you cam think about the responsibility of caring for the planet and in the impact you have you and your family about the environment. It's amazing, but that's so, and this is above all due to our habits. Those small customs at the same time making our purchase, when choosing our products... This book will tell you in a simple and direct way how to apply from the first moment actions that allow you to reduce your impact... a great challenge if, but not impossible.

VELVET BCN - el menjar no es llença

2. El menjar no es llença (cat)

Thinking about the most basic

Although we have all heard "that food does not throw" from very small, we may not have stopped closely to reflect on the reality of this statement. This is what highlight this book. A collection of stories about the impact of food waste. With a close look that will not leave you indifferent. The magic that arises when we stop at a time to observe those ideas that we have supposed for so long.

VELVET BCN- así son nuestras reglas

3. Así son nuestras reglas (esp)

Let's talk about what is needed with naturalness and humor

We will not say that it is a taboo theme, because for us it is far from being it, but we can assure that ignorance about matter is great. This book is a lighthouse that illuminates those moments of doubts, discoveries for us, but also for those who do not live in their own body and sometimes observe situations without knowing what they say or do. And all this with naturalness, with a feminist look, rigorously and a touch of humor... that it is never more.


4. Huertos de libertad (esp)

Poetry with roots, leaves and fruits

Reading poetry is a unique experience where words bring you aromas, each verse raises you and each poem is like a seed that falls inside and if you find fertile soil grows until you become a tree where the leaves are our thoughts. In "Huertos de Libertad" the fruits are ready to harvest and only we will need to get your hand to enjoy them. As it sounds.

VELVET BCN - el futuro es local

5. El futuro es local (esp)

Boost those who have on the side

I do not know if it caught us with the guard down, but globalization seems that it brought us a wider view of the world, greater connection, etc. But at the same time he swept up with a lot of things that we are already missing and that unfortunately many will no longer return. In this book you will find the answer to many of your doubts about and help you refine your opinion about what you want for those who have close and ultimately, for yourself.


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