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Today we are going to tell you about a brand we love: Nowa Jeans! It is a Zero Waste brand, which not only has a super positive impact on the environment, but also its jeans and jackets are very top! Do you want to know a little more about why they should be taken into account when you need new jeans? We explain it to you!

VELVET BCN - nowa tejanos algodón reciclados

Recycling cotton for the planet

Stop producing raw materials and use already manufactured materials

NOWA Jeans or No Waste Jeans, is a brand that recycles already manufactured materials. Materials that have already consumed a lot of water and energy to produce them and that if it were not for them would accumulate in landfills or would be incinerated following their process of polluting the planet.

The production of NOWA JEANS pieces is considered the most ecological, since in addition to being made with production leftovers, they are not subjected to chemical processes and have a low water footprint. To give you the idea, to produce 15,000 jeans with recycled denim Nowa consumes 37,500 liters of water (2.5 liters per pair of jeans), while in regular production the volume used would be 1,050 million liters of water ( 70 liters per pair of jeans). Generating a 97% reduction in the consumption of this natural resource. As you can see, the positive impact of wearing recycled denim is incredible!

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Zero Waste, more ecological impossible

Taking care of the planet in detail

As if that were not enough, the brand separates all industrial waste, paper, plastic, metal and sends it to recycling companies, in this way the production of 15 thousand pieces will avoid the disposal of approximately 200 kg of waste in landfills.

Nowa takes care of every last detail and the electrical energy they consume is certified by I-REC, a global system that allows the commercialization of renewable energy certificates. With this certificate they can guarantee that all the energy consumed comes from renewable sources, and therefore clean, eliminating the emission of 750 kg of CO2 in the production of the 15 thousand pieces.

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Certified materials

The best guarantee of the impact of your garments

The recycled fabric you use is certified by global recycling standards. This certification tests verified recycled content and also includes social and environmental criteria and chemical restrictions. NOWA only uses recycled denim certified by Global Recycle Standards (GRS)
Regarding the fabrics used to make the garments, 100% have credits from the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) platform, which guarantees that throughout the cotton management process it was carried out involving the pillars of sustainability , and that the denim is GRS certified.

So don't wait any longer and see his entire collection on our website or come and see it live in our store in Barcelona! 

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