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Organic Cotton Colors is a brand super committed to the environment and not only dedicated to the cultivation of organic cotton, but also committed to fair trade and development of producers. An incredible brand and very committed to the environment and people. Do you want to know a little more about OCC? We explain it to you below!

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Raw organic cotton without chemical treatments

To begin with, Organic Cotton Colors grows organic cotton without dyes, its raw colors, green and brown, are obtained from the natural color of its seeds. Incredible true? It is a very pure fabric, without toxic for your skin. Another property to highlight of fabrics made with natural cotton is its ability to protect against UVA rays. In addition, the fiber of the fabric is compostable and being so pure it can be reusable many times, preserving its properties.
On the other hand, the OCC brand has the OCC Recycling Program project through which customers who no longer want to use their garments or who are too damaged to continue wearing them benefit from a discount for their future purchases. These garments will become the first recycled organic cotton fabric produced by Organic Cotton Colors.
And what products will you find from Organic Cotton? Products that are in contact with your skin such as underwear and bath towels for example, which allow you to respect your skin and not wear fabrics with chemical products.

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Respectful to the earth and its cycles

As you can imagine there are many ways to cultivate the land, but not all of them allow the recovery of the land. OCC chooses not to exploit the resources and takes care of the land by changing its productions with food for the community, avoiding desertification. It is a sustainable and responsible agriculture, treated with natural products without chemicals or pesticides. In addition, the use of natural irrigation by means of it allows to irrigate the cotton fields with rainwater. Can you think of a more sustainable solution? It allows not to buy water and recover it naturally. A smart bet for the future, especially in countries where water is a precious commodity that cannot be wasted.

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Its GOTS certification guarantees the quality of the textile and decent work

OCC is a brand that respects the environment, respects human rights and professional ethics in its cotton crops in Brazil and Turkey.
Its GOTS certification is a guarantee of its decent working conditions, the organic condition of textile products, the traceability of all its products thanks to the labels and the highest quality requirements of the textile industry, from the cotton seed to production. Can you ask for more?

At Velvet BCN we love Organic Cotton Colors and its commitment to sustainability and an ethical and positive economic model for producers. Do you want to see their products?



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