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VELVET BCN bañadores ecologicos sostenibles para mujer

It has take some time, but the sun and warmth have already arrived! So we thought it was a good moment to introduce you to our sustainable, local and fair trade swimwear brands. Let's begin!

VELVET BCN - Swim Against bañadores sostenible spara mujer

Swim Against

Ethical and local production 100% in Barcelona

SWIM AGAINST is a journey towards sustainability. A trip that allows you, at the same time, to connect with your great passion, the Sea. If you want to be sure that your swimwear lasts for more than one season, this is one of its strong points.
The brand's fabric has wear-resistant properties and is designed to give you incredible fit retention. They provide you with quality and innovation at all times in recycled materials recovered from the seabed. Which means that by buying SWIM AGAINST swimsuits you are helping with the cleaning of the oceans.

The fabric in the stamped part is made of polyester, extracted from post-consumer plastic bottles, and on the smooth side of polyamide, made of nylon from discarded fishing nets that represent almost 10% of all ocean pollution.

Its mission is to reduce the environmental impact of fashion, using high-quality sustainable fabrics, 100% vegan, with biodegradable packaging and producing locally by hand. If you like to change your swimsuit, this brand is made for you. Their swimsuits are reversible and you can change the color of your swimsuit whenever you want.

In case it seems little to you, with each purchase you are helping those who protect our planet. Since 1% of the income goes to NGOs that fight for the preservation of the wildlife of our planet.

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VELVET BCN - Ocelah bañadores sostenibles para mujer


Swimsuits that take care of the Planet

Ocealah's designs are extremely fine, with beautiful colors and carefully crafted silhouettes for a modern woman. Founded by two friends from Barcelona who shared the vision of giving life to a contemporary and environmentally conscious brand. Ocealah is a brand of swimsuits whose production is carried out locally in Barcelona with recycled materials, of high quality and with social responsibility.

The swimsuits are made from the finest Italian lycra with a sophisticated shimmering effect. All parts are made from reclaimed nylon (Econyl) created from industrial waste such as fishing nets, plastic bottles, fabric scraps, etc. The recycled lycra is of the highest quality, it is super resistant, light and ultra soft, all its materials are also Oeko-Tex certified. As simple as this, suddenly by wearing your swimsuits, you have a positive impact on the environment and on the Planet.

In addition, as we told you, its collections are 100% locally produced, supporting professional manufacturers in Barcelona. Local production thus helps them to make quick decisions, to be part of the whole process and to reduce unnecessary emissions associated with transport. As a small and ethical brand, they also decided to produce only when necessary, not seasonally. In this way, they avoid overstocking and overproduction.

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VELVET BCN - volett bañadores sostenibles para mujer


Brand for environmental conservation

Volett is a sustainable fashion project that has quality and responsibility as flag. Born in Bilbao, produced between Spain and Indonesia and taking advantage of the quality of Italian and Portuguese fabrics, this brand tries to eliminate borders and collaborate directly with the conservation of the environment in a globalized way. At VOLETT they believe that a social and industrial world that is more respectful of our planet is possible, urgent and necessary. What do you think?
This is the reason why they decide to use organic and recycled materials in all their products. They believe that in order to preserve the world we live in and for future generations to continue to enjoy it, we must all contribute with our small actions. At VELVET BCN we strongly agree with them and we also believe that we must take care of the environment and the Planet.
Their garments are made with regenerated nylon fabric, which makes them twice as resistant to the sun, chlorine and tanning creams and oils than other fabrics. This fabric allows the swimsuit to be more sustainable and made with materials with a positive impact on the Earth. In addition, the patterns of designs are very cool to give joy and color to the summer


Now you know a little more about our swimwear brands so that your beach days have a positive impact on oceans, people and the planet.



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