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Cabuya, swimsuits made with recycled materials

Cabuya Sustainable Swimwear

Who is behind Cabuya?

My name is Cristina, I am a training geographer and for 13 years I worked as an Account Manager in the technology sector but my real passion since childhood was always fashion.

How did you start with this project?

The idea came years ago, every summer I was unsuccessfully looking for a comfortable bikini that would allow me to perform beach activities such as surfing, yoga, volleyball or just playing paddles or making sandcastles, without giving up a flattering and trendy style but over everything, that was developed in a sustainable way, from the environmental and social point of view. The inspiration and determination to carry out the project came after a day at the beach in the Costa Rican paradise that gives its name to the brand. But it was not until 3 years later, with the birth of my daughter Lola and the desire to spend time with her which was very difficult to reconcile with the type of work I had always done in multinational companies that made me decide to fulfill my dream: have my own brand of bikinis

What is inspired by Cabuya?

We are inspired by the beauty of nature: the colors of a sunset on the beach, the infinite shades of the sea depending on the place and the season, marine animals such as starfish, corals, the flower of a cactus, etc.

All your bikinis and swimsuits are made with materials made from recycled plastics. Why did you decide to work with this type of material?

The brand carries nature in its DNA so from the beginning we feel the responsibility of finding a balance between the development of our brand and the least impact on the environment. The possible use of natural and / or recycled materials was the first thing we investigated and when we discovered that there was a high quality polyamide called ECONYL® 100% recycled from plastic garbage collected from the sea such as bottles, fishing nets, etc. we were clear that It was the material we wanted to make our bikinis with.

What is the Econyl? Can you tell us a little more about the advantages and innovation of this material?

As I mentioned this material is obtained from plastic waste materials that are processed and transformed into a new fabric, as described in this graphic:

I encourage you to watch this video to see the details of the process:

Where do you make your collections?

The preparation is made in a family factory located in a town near Porto (Portugal) and this year we have already been part of the collection in Spain, in a workshop in a town in Cáceres where there was a bathroom fashion factory that dismantled cause of relocation and trying to recover so as not to lose the knowledge and experience of their seamstresses.

How do you rate the first steps of the brand? What is the future of Cabuya?

The beginnings of any venture are very complicated but we believe that we are making progress on the right track and in just three years we have achieved a good brand image and a loyal clientele, our cabuya women.

From the point of view of the product our illusion is to produce the entire collection in Spain and also develop new products such as beach accessories or sportswear. As for the business model, until now we had been very focused on online sales from our own website but we are currently growing in the Wholesale model, distributing in multi-brand stores such as VELVET BCN, with which we share values and style that can help us Grow in turnover.



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