Cal·lum, sustainable and handmade serigraphy


We invite you to meet Cal·lum, the project of a young Scottish designer who has made Barcelona his new home. Where he makes his collections with organic materials and well-seasoned designs.

Who is behind Cal·lum?

Callum is my first name. The name has Scottish origin, meaning "messenger pigeon", a symbol of peace. I have added the "l·l" to represent the influence and inspiration of the Mediterranean culture. It also helps to pronounce the name correctly!

Where does the project come from? How did you decide to start?

Already living in Barcelona. Cal.lum was created as an initiative to live a more conscious and creative lifestyle. I wanted to start a project close to the values of crafts and design.

What is Cal·lum inspired by?

A sense of humor, a critical vision, but at the same time happy and optimistic about everyday things, hides behind each design. Music and literature are also essential to feed my imagination and creativity. We believe in the art of "day to day". We are inspired by contemporary culture, minimalist designs and a sense of humor.

All your T-shirts, dresses and sweatshirts are GOTS certified and are made with ecological inks. Why did you decide to work with these materials?

While still living in Glasgow, I studied a degree in Environmental Sciences, where I was able to develop critical awareness of the hegemonic market model. For me this is a way to contribute to the transformation of the fashion market so that it is more respectful with the environment. I am motivated by the idea of creating accessible alternatives to support a paradigm shift in people's lifestyles, so that there is more awareness and care. We create "wearable" versions of a more conscious world.

Where do you make your collections?

We carry out all the work in our workshop in the Gràcia neighborhood, where we design and screen print each garment in an artisanal way. We work with suppliers that guarantee organic and fair trade materials throughout the creation process.

Your illustrations always make us think or have a point of humor behind, do you think it is the differential point of your designs?

From a very young age I have had a special interest in artistic expressions such as drawing, photography, music, etc. Now the brand is a way to exploit that sensitivity, under the motto "less is more" and to which is added the critical spirit and sense of humor characteristic of the brand. We consider a sense of humor to be very important! It could be said that the differential point of the designs is minimalism and subtle humor winks.

How do you value your first years of project?

We are very satisfied with the acceptance that the brand has had in local commerce. We like direct and close contact with the people with whom we work and this gives us motivation to continue.

We are very grateful to VelvetBcn for their trust in the brand and for the space they have created dedicating themselves exclusively to sustainable fashion. We share the same values and hope to continue together for many seasons!

What is the future of Cal·lum? Have you thought about offering new products? Expand collections?

We hope to be able to continue as before, thinking of new ideas, new products and collections, paying the utmost attention to every detail. We will continue to nurture our creativity so that the designs inspire people and that they feel identified with our models.



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