Making Yoga more sustainable

Ropa ecológica para Yoga - Moda Sostenible para hacer yoga

We like to think that sustainability is above all a lifestyle. That little by little opens new doors and windows to new ways of seeing the world: respecting the environment, assessing the impact of actions and decisions, and above all taking care of ourselves. In our case, yoga has become one of the basic tools of our inner care. And what better way than to be able to do what we like the most in line with our values. Today we want to tell you why our yoga clothing is the best choice to take care of the planet.

VELVET BCN - Ropa ecológica Yoga Mujer Tejidos orgánicos

The asana most committed to nature

Organic fabrics to take care of your skin and the environment

Our Ecological Yoga Clothing brands are 100% committed to using certified organic materials (GOTS) such as organic cotton to create their collections. In this way they guarantee that no toxics are used in the production of raw materials, in addition to reducing up to 80% the use of water compared to conventional cotton. The incorporation of materials such as bamboo or Tencel are offering new possibilities for your garments, while reducing your impact on the planet.


VELVET BCN - Ropa yoga mujer materiales reciclados

Energy is transformed

Recycled materials for a cleaner world

The revolution of recycled fabrics has long come to stay. And its incorporation into yoga or sportswear could not wait. The collections of our brands use materials made from waste from the textile industry. Thus reducing not only the use of new resources to produce new materials, but also avoiding the generation of new waste. Likewise, in the case of polyester recycled from plastics recovered from the sea ... an indisputable win win for the planet.


VELVET BCN- Ropa ecológica para mujer matriales innovadores Seacell

Looking to the future

Ecological fabrics with incredible properties

If you've never heard of SeaCell before, we welcome you to the future. This cellulose fiber with seaweed rich in minerals, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins with anti-inflammatory properties. These algae with a high content of antioxidants have an immune effect that prevents aging and the appearance of atopy on your skin. As if that were not enough, this revolutionary material is produced from renewable raw materials and in an ecological cycle with a low environmental impact. Almost nothing!


VELVET BCN - Accesorios yoga-esterillas ecológica para yoga

Positive impact for your classes

Accessories made with ecological materials

If you are thinking of starting to practice and you need to equip yourself or the time has come to renew the accessories for your Yoga practices. Don't think about it, we have what you need. The mats and blocks made of cork. A widely familiar material, but you probably don't know its antibacterial properties. In addition to being a 100% Eco Friendly raw material, thanks to the fact that the trees are able to regenerate once the raw material is extracted.



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