Dressing without toxic in your skin

skin without toxics

What we do not see

One of the great reasons why we began to work with the Sustainable Fashion was the concern for the pollution generated by the production of fabrics. While we need to think about the benefits of organic farming for the environment and the positive consequences for producers, this time we want to talk about a reason that affects us very directly... cloths are in contact with our skin and all those chemicals that are used during its production are present in the clothes that are made with these fabrics.

According to recent studies, toxic can remain in the tissue even after washing more than ten times. Unfortunately, substances that are very harmful to our health, when we put them in contact with our body, are absorbed through our skin.

Sick of allergies

It has been demonstrated that conventional fabric productions are exceeding the limits of recommended toxins for health, as highlighted by this study by GreenPeace and that can be the cause of many affections that we do not know at this time.

The reality is that in recent years there are more and more cases of friends, acquaintances and clients that tell us about the reactions they have on the skin when they use certain pieces of clothes in their closet. And although we are very accustomed to hearing the importance of using organic tissues in newborn babies, sometimes we forget ourselves. We can not lose sight of the fact that when we choose according to what types of marks, we expose our body to toxic that we absorb on our skin.

The most natural solution

Garments made from organic farming, without pesticides such as organic cotton, tencel or organic linen are ideal for those with the most sensitive skin, but also for those who do not want to wear tissues full of toxic that pose a risk for our health.


Do not forget to share your experiences and ideas in the comments: Have you had any problems with the skin because of your clothes? Did you have alergies wearing a type of garment?


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