Eco Vero, ecological viscose for your sustainable clothing

Viscose is one of the raw materials that allow our garments to have that softness and elasticity that we like so much. What we don't know is that traditional viscose has a super negative impact on the environment. Luckily, in recent years Eco Vero (natural and ecological viscose) has appeared ... which has come to achieve the same properties while taking care of the planet.

eco vero-nuevos tejidos moda sostenible

The negative impact of traditional viscose

Reduces pollution and toxins

Traditional viscose uses chemicals to obtain it, which makes it highly toxic for the workers who manufacture it, as well as for the environment. It is produced from the cellulose of trees, although due to its treatments it is considered a semi-synthetic fiber. Unfortunately the wood from which the pulp is obtained to make traditional viscose are intensive crops with a high consumption of resources.

eco vero-nuevos tejidos ropa ecológica

Why is Eco Vero Ecological?

The best sustainable qualities

Eco Vero viscose is obtained through a new EU-certified production process focused on ensuring the least environmental impact. This process reduces up to 50% the environmental impact of its emissions and the use of water during its manufacture thanks to the reuse of the products used. In addition, all the raw material is obtained from certified forests of sustainable and responsible cultivation.

eco vero-nuevos tejidos ropa ecológica

A cleaner future with new sustainable fabrics

Sustainable Fashion thinks about the Environment

The use of new ecological materials in the composition of our garments is essential to reduce the impact of textile production. The appearance of new raw materials such as Eco Vero are great news in search of sustainable and increasingly clean fashion.

Now you know a little better this innovative material that makes up your clothes and the positive impact that your actions have every time you wear organic fabrics made with ecological materials such as Eco Vero.

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