5 documentaries that will change your life

VELVET BCN- Documentales ecología, moda sostenible y vegano

Today we want to share with you five documentaries that have had a profound impact on our entire team. Most of them may already sound familiar to you, they have appeared as a suggestion or someone has already recommended it to you before. The next time you consider an afternoon of blanket and sofa, do not think about it, everyone of them will make you look at the world with different eyes. Surely you can find them on the main streaming platforms.

VELVET BCN - documental true cost

1. The true cost (2015)

The real price of fast fashion

I can avoid tears from coming to my eyes when I see it. Undoubtedly an essential documentary that honestly and transparently tells the truth that has been hidden for so long behind the fashion industry. A clear photograph about the impact on the environment and the working conditions to which the people who manufacture for fast fashion brands are subjected.

VELVET BCN - Minimalism documental

2. Minimalism (2015)

What is really important

Definitely a vital statement. A fresh and thoughtful new perspective on our priorities. The need to accumulate nonsense. For me, a plea towards the search for simplicity and apology to the quality of our acquisitions.

VELVET BCN- Cowspiracy documental

3. Cowspiracy (2014)

Beyond a gassy cow

You may be a lover of entrecote ... and you are afraid to know what is behind this door; I get it. It is not a documentary designed to transform you into a vegetarian or vegan, but to make you aware of the impact that the meat industry has on the environment.

VELVET BCN - Kiss the ground documental

4. Kiss the Ground: Regenerative Agriculture

What if the soil has the solution?

I don't know about you, but I sometimes wonder if we still have time to save the planet ... it turns out that there are already scientists and farmers (yes, farmers ... not politicians, or astronauts) who seem to have the solution to the problem. reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. Something that has been right under our noses and it seems that we are finally beginning to name it.

VELVET BCN - Dieta vegetariana - vegano

5. The Cove (2009)

Opening our eyes, makes us more sensitive

I must confess that when I saw this documentary for the first time I got frozen. This is where my path to greater awareness of humanity's impact on the ecosystem and animals began. A reality not easy to assimilate that reveals the darkest face of humanity. Without a doubt a jug of cold water that makes you wake up suddenly ... even if you weren't ready.


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