IAIOS, yesterday's jersey made today


Who is behind Iaios?

My father Amadeu Barbany Grau and I (Gemma Barbany Arimany) are the creators of the IAIOS brand. We started a bit in jest, but now we need more help every time. My brother Bernat is a huge part of this help. On the other hand, we can not forget the work of the distributors and manufacturers with whom we work, without spinners and weavers, etc. Our project would not be possible.

Where did the project come from? How did you decide to start?

I am the fifth generation of a family dedicated to textiles. My great-great-grandfather opened a rope and thread store in the city of Granollers. His son continued with the business and opened a small knitting factory in the back of the store. As well as my great-grandfather and grandfather, my father Amadeu Barbany Grau is a lifelong shopkeeper and is the one who has keep forward the family clothing store that today has more than 120 years of history. But he has also been a great activist and entrepreneur, always working to recover a citizen, more just and human trade in our city.

I, although I grew up from childhood between hangers and testers, never thought that I would end up dedicating myself to the textile. I studied art and design in Barcelona, ​​which allowed me to travel and live in Mexico, and later in Germany. It was in 2015 when I returned to Barcelona and with my father we decided to start a new project together that arose from the idea of ​​making a jersey again like before.

What is IAIOS inspired?

IAIOS recovers that special and essential piece that we take out of the closet every year when the cold arrives. A sweater that over time is more than a sweater, is all those moments we have lived with him.

All designs are made with recycled fabrics? Why did you decide to work with this material?

The thread we use is 100% recycled and all the jerseys are made with only this yarn.

The thread manufacturing process consists in recovering scraps left over from other confections, separating them by colors and crushing them to be re-spun. In this recycling process dyes are not used and only 1% of water, thus avoiding a very polluting phase in the production chain. In addition, this process gives the piece small irregularities of color that are both the natural charm of the piece.

But not only that, IAIOS is also a circular economy project and therefore jerseys are also recyclable. Our designs do not have buttons or zippers to speed up the recycling process at the time when its useful life has reached the end.

Where are your collections made?

In IAIOS we want to be sustainable from the design phase, that's why our jerseys are designed to last, with a simple and timeless pattern and without zippers or buttons, to streamline the task of recycling once the life of the jersey ends.

The manufacture of jerseys is done in small local companies and in a completely transparent way since we want our product to benefit the social and economic environment of the area and have less environmental impact. Therefore, the IAIOS are designed in Granollers, the yarn comes from a small spinning in Olot and the weaving and making is done in a family factory in Igualada.

Your star product are the sweaters of autumn and winter, will we find Iaios also in summer with some new proposal?

Indeed, our flagship product is the regenerated wool sweater, but we also have a small collection of recycled cotton jerseys. In summer we also make km0 shirts, but unfortunately we have not found a way to make them with recycled yarn.

How do you rate these first years of the project?

The first collection was the winter of 2015 when we wanted to make a small production of 300 jerseys with this yarn recycled. They were so successful that we decided to take it forward. Right now we just throw the 4th season and we can not be happier. Our jerseys are already known in many places and we sell much more than we could have thought. For us it has been an unexpected success, although we know that there is still a lot of work to be done and many things to improve.

What is the future of Iaios?

In the future we would like to make closer the life cycle of the jersey. We have thought with a collection system in which our customers can return the jersey or one less a piece of wool so that it can be recycled again.
We would also like to sell to other countries, perhaps in northern Europe, since there are few cold months here.

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