Ecological Fashion: climate emergency

Moda Sostenible

Organic clothing, without toxic to care for the environment

The tissues we call organic are those that have been produced with crops without pesticides. These production processes prevent the leakage of toxic through the subsoil contaminating the water, the flora and fauna of the rivers until it reaches the sea. In addition, organic agriculture makes more responsible use of water resources.

Recycled wire, the era of the circular economy (reduce/reuse/recycle)

One of the most ecological ways of producing clothes is the use of recycled fabrics. In this way, not only do we not use the resources to cultivate new raw material, but we are also avoiding filling another landfill with the remains of damaged or unused clothing.

Wearing clothes made from recycled plastic has a great positive impact on the environment thanks to the cleaning work carried out by the oceans to recover the plastics that will then be transformed into thread.
Besides the Sustainable Fashion works to guarantee the circularity of its products using fabrics made of recycled materials, as well as materials that allow recycling after its useful life.

Ecological fabrics, innovating for a greener future

Without a doubt, Sustainable Fashion has a lot to say in the search for innovative and ecological materials. For a long time, new materials have been produced with processes that do not require so many resources. Materials such as Tencel, made from eucalyptus fiber, a raw material that needs very little water for its growth, as well as using closed circuits that allow reuse of the water used in its production. Or the Piñatex is a fabric made from the reuse of the leaves of tropical pineapples.

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