Why does using natural sunscreen protect the environment?

VELVET BCN protectores solares naturales

Did you know that coral reefs are home to a quarter of marine biodiversity. This means that if the coral disappears, 25% of the marine species could disappear. Unfortunately, one of the big threats is some sunscreens that kill young coral and seriously harm adult coral. Do you know why sunscreens are so polluting? We will try to explain it to you in this article.

VELVET BCN - cremas naturales solares ecológicas piel

The composition of sunscreens

Intoxicating the sea

Some blockers are really toxic. They are made with a UV filter chemical called oxybenzone (lso known as BP-3 or benzophenone-3) which is found in 3,500 brands of sunscreen around the world.
This chemical affects corals, since it can interrupt their growth, causes serious deformities, alters their DNA, making them more susceptible to discoloration

VELVET BCN - cremas solar natural

Alternative to avoid polluting the water

The solution is in your hands

At Velvet BCN we offer you a SPF 50 sun cream that fully protects you from the sun with the best natural physical filters. It is a high protection ideal for all areas of your body and, in addition, we have created a suitable format to be able to put it in a suitcase and catch a flight if you go on vacation.
Our sunscreen is made with an aloe vera base so it fights skin aging caused by the sun. With zinc oxide and titanium dioxide we have created the protective barrier, always with natural elements and without nanoparticles.
In addition, we have worked this sun cream with vegetable and mineral pigments so that your skin does not have the white effect that is usually unpleasant in many sunscreens.


VELVET BCN - protector solar respetuoso con el medio ambiente

The benefits of the cream that cares for the environment

Endless reasons for you and the environment

The benefits of organic sun creams are several. First of all, they are a physical sunscreen that does not penetrate your skin, is healthy and does not harm marine fauna. Then it's kid-friendly and you know young children shouldn't use sun creams that suck on their skin. This is the best sunscreen for them! If your protector is also waterproof then you will avoid having to use protection after each bath.

So now is the time for us to take care of our planet and our oceans starting with the use of sunscreen that does not pollute them.




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