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VEJA, much more than sneakers


VEJA is a French brand with production in Brazil that has become one of the benchmarks of sports shoes. Their sneakars are characterized by their designs ranging from classic lines to proposals that make the delight of the most daring audience. But there are many more reasons why VEJA is much more than just a sneakers brand.


VEJA has opted from the first moment to offer an attractive product without losing sight of the consequences for the environment. That's why it only works with sustainable materials such as organic cotton or natural rubber, which, contrary to the synthetic one, is obtained directly from the trees, and is harvested without destroying or cutting them. In addition, the wild rubber, once it reaches the end of its useful life if its burnt, does not emit toxic to the environment.


VEJA purchases its raw materials in advance for the producers and without intermediaries. Financing crops to ensure the viability of producers' cultivation and their life model. In the case of rubber they acquire it from the communities of the Amazon forest where they obtain it with traditional techniques that allow the natural regeneration of the rubber. In this way, VEJA contributes to preserve thousands of hectares of jungle that are the source of life of native producers.


One of the short-term goals of the brand is to make all its production completely vegan. At the moment 1 in 4 models are already. And models made with recycled fish skin materials have been included. It seems that everything indicates that they will soon find the formula to achieve their goal.

You can also be part of a great positive social and environmental impact by choosing VEJA, watch all models in our catalogue:


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