What does Fair Trade mean?

Many times you ask us what it means for a product to be fair trade. So today we want to explain what it consists of. So you never forget the positive impact you have every time you choose ethically manufactured products.

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Taking care of the producers

Guarantee decent working conditions

When you buy fair trade certified products you are guaranteeing decent working conditions. This means that those who have dedicated a time of their life to create your clothes, will receive a fair payment that allows them to cover their vital needs. This trade is founded on dialogue, transparency and respect with the aim of achieving equity in international trade for producers. The fair trade seal helps workers, sensitizes and promotes change to achieve decent conditions and wages for all those involved in the manufacture of your garments and products.

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Boosting communities

Creating a sustainable future

As you can imagine, many situations of vulnerability occur in more rural places with fewer opportunities. Many of the producers with the fair trade seal are not limited only to production but also promote development in the territory by creating programs that allow improvements for the communities with which they work. In our store we have brands like Hemper, Tiralahilacha ... that have incredible development projects at the production site.

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Transparency and traceability

Where do our products come from?

The main idea of ​​fair trade is the transparency and traceability of each of the steps within manufacturing. In this way we can know in as much detail as possible what working conditions had the people who have grown the raw material, the people who have made them, the environmental impact, gender equality ... Demanding how and under what conditions they are produced is so much our right as our responsibility as consumers, whether for producers who cultivate in a traditional way, such as international, European or local textile production factories.

That is why at Velvet BCN we take care that all the brands we sell meet these transparency criteria and that they correspond to our values. To be able to bring you fashion or products manufactured in an ethical and sustainable way.

Now is it clearer to you what fair trade means? Don't forget the power of your decisions and the positive impact you have every time you choose fair trade products.



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