What are the benefits of organic cotton?


When we talk about cotton many times we do not know what are the differences that mean to wear organic or convecional cotton. Here are some of the main benefits that make organic cotton the fabric of excellence for sustainable clothing.


Organic cotton grows and is produced without toxic substances. Without pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. Natural fertilizers are used in its farming and the cycles necessary to avoid the depletion of nutrients from the soil are respected.

Unlike conventional cotton cultivation, organic does not use genetically modified seeds. So, a more appropriate use of water resources is made. Thus, the environmental and social consequences associated with the use of pesticides of conventional crops are avoided.


Thanks to the natural crop, the products made with organic cotton fabrics do not contain toxins. Thereby your skin does not absorb pesticides or the chemicals used during non-organic production.


Organic agriculture respects the working conditions of its producersIt offers fair prices that guarantee the quality of life in its territory. As they do not use seeds genetically modified seeds, producers are prevented from coming into contact with substances harmful to their health, in addition to avoiding the large debts to which they are subjected by acquiring the products and services necessary for their cultivation.

If you wish, here you can see the products of our catalog made with organic cotton.

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