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    At Banbu, we also know about pets, and that is that our furry is a fundamental part of the team. She has inspired us to formulate this 100% natural soap, because natural is the best for your skin. For this reason, our organic solid soap for dogs brings together the best of nature to offer your skin and hair the essentials for hygiene and well-being: nutrition, maximum care and protection. Its balanced blend of olive oil, coconut oil and Shea butter deeply nourishes your skin and hair, maintaining an optimal level of hydration. Castor oil, Aloe Vera and Burdock extract give it softness, protection and a lot of shine. In turn, activated bamboo charcoal gently and effectively cleanses and purifies your skin, removing all traces of dirt and odor. In addition, this soap is enriched with tea tree oil, lavender oil and a combination of floral plant extracts, all of them with excellent antiparasitic, antiseptic and anti-irritant properties, so that your skin, in addition to being cared for, is also protected and healthy. Banbu pet soap is fully adapted to the dog's PH, allowing adequate and respectful cleaning of its skin and coat, providing it with extra nutrition, treatment and protection against parasites and bacteria. As a result, your skin will stay healthy and protected, and your hair will be smooth and shiny. Through its natural ingredients and its traditional manufacturing process, we obtain a durable soap bar that generates a soft foam. In addition, its neutral aroma will not disturb the sensitive smell of your dog, making the bathroom a much more pleasant moment. As it could not be otherwise, Banbu solid pet soap is designed to be an excellent sustainable, vegan and ecological alternative to liquid gels so that, in addition to taking care of what you love the most, you take care of the environment. For this reason, Banbu soap is 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free, which ensures your commitment to respect for the animal world. In addition, its solid format in 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging guarantees zero residue for this wonderful product. Banbu has the value of FAIR TRADE and collaborates only with workshops and factories that meet decent working conditions, and are 100% transparent with giving all the necessary information. A member of the Banbu team has visited, and is gradually visiting, the factory.

    • Stock type: Marketplace
    • Collection: Spring Summer '20
    • Certificates: Fairtrade
    • Made in: éticamente en Taiwan, taller de trabajo justo y digno
    • Craftsmanship: Vegan
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