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FAQ Marketplace


An Eco & Fair meeting point

In VELVET BCN we want to unite in a same place the maximum number of Ethical and Sustainable Fashion brands and our potential clientele.

Promote your products

In our store we have a large loyal clientele to which you can make your brand known through our Blog, Newsletter and social networks. You can also highlight your products on our cover.

Open new markets

Our multilingual page will allow you to reach your customers throughout Europe.

Sell on VELVET BCN Marketplace

Terms and conditions

You can check the terms and conditions of VELVET BCN Marketplace here.

What do I need to register as a seller?

First of all you will have to contact with us so that we can know your brand better and evaluate if it fits in VELVET BCN.

It is possible that we ask you for more information about the type of production, materials or images to make sure that your products meet the characteristics that our potential clientele seeks and, therefore, will have a greater chance of sale.

Once we review your information, you will have to register on our page. Once registered we will be awarded a seller's account with which you can manage all your products, sales, commissions...

What can I do as a seller?

  • Manage your products
  • Export and import your products massively.
  • Manage your profile
  • Review your commission history.
  • Manage your orders
  • Configure your carriers and shipping rates.
  • Configure your way of charging commissions.
  • Manage the messages received from clients.
  • Review the profits in a given period.
  • Request the withdrawal of funds.

How will the products I sell be shipped?

The VELVET BCN store manages your orders and returns online. Once the order of one of your products is made, you will be notified, when you have prepared your order, a logistics operator will pick up your package in your warehouse. In case of return, you will receive a notice to proceed with the change or return. VELVET BCN will take care of managing the collection and / or shipment of the new package from your warehouse in case you accept the change. You can check the shipping costs here.envío aquí.

Is there a contract?

No, once we start working together they will be accepting the Terms and Conditions of VELVET BCN Marketplace.

What are the requirements to be part of VELVET BCN?

  • You must be a brand of Sustainable and Fair Trade products
  • You must have at least 10 products listed in your catalog
  • As a selling brand you agree to follow the photography rules of VELVET BCN. These recommendations are a key factor to guarantee the highest possible quality to the catalog and its sales.
  • Sellers must provide a customer service that meets or exceeds the MarketPlace Standards Guide. Otherwise, the participation of the brand in VELVET BCN could be ended.

How do I delete my seller account in VELVET BCN?

You can delete all your store and all products by visiting the account status and selecting "Delete your store". You will be asked to confirm what you really want to delete your store before completing the process. As we indicated in the contract, we ask that you notify us at least 15 days before proceeding to eliminate your seller account by sending an email to

You will not be able to delete your account if you have pending orders.

Once you delete your account:

  • Your products will be removed from the website and will not appear in the brand catalog
  • Your subscription will be canceled.
  • Your items will no longer be for sale at VELVET BCN.
  • In case you have a pending rate, the relevant invoice will be made and sent.

How much does it cost to sell in VELVET BCN?

The cost is € 20 per month plus 20% commission for each product you sell. Once your sale is made you can transfer the amount that corresponds to your account, or leave it acomulated until you want it

How to highlight my brand in VELVET BCN?

The best way to get attention in the catalog is to have the best images of products you can have. Working well with the product image you are defining your brand identity.
Make sure you maintain a good customer service and keep the best possible rating. Customers are more likely to buy products if they know they can trust the brand with an excellent rating and good comments.

How many products can I upload to the catalog?

As a seller there is no limit to what products to offer in your catalog. Although we do not recommend having less than 10 products. Having a good offer means improving your brand's shopping experience.

Should I do some special management to configure PayPal?

You must have a verified PayPal business account before selling on VELVET BCN MarketPlace. Most of the default settings tend to be fine, but you can make sure by setting the following:

Sign in to PayPal

  • Go to "Manage Coins".
  • Make sure you can receive euros (€), as a balance in euros (recommended).
  • Accept and convert into euros in your local currency.

Add a product to the catalog

What do I need to publish my products?

You can use our web interface to upload your products one by one or fill in the document (download) of bulk loading of your products. You must fill in all the information of each of your products and send the documentation to In less than 24 hours your products will be published in your store.
In case you need help, get in touch with us and we will give you the necessary support so you can sell your products for sale.
We recommend at least publishing a minimum of 10 products in our online store.

Can not upload your image?

The ideal image size is 1000 x 1330 pixels. If you upload larger images, you should cut them. In that case, you should know that smaller images may lose quality, appear blurry or have white edges. All images are of vertical orientation. You can upload 4 images per product.
Each product can have four images, one of them will be the main one and will appear in the main catalog.

Image requirements for VELVET BCN products?

Al igual que a nuestra clientela, nos gusta ver buenas imágenes en nuestro catálogo. Ayuda a construir la identidad de tu marca, además de destacar tu producto. Creemos que tú inspiración te ayudará a crear las fotografías que desees. Así y todo hay algunas consejos que te animamos a seguir:

  • Light background: we recommend using clear backgrounds. In this way, your products stand out.
  • Image format: it is mandatory to upload your images in a format of 1000x1330px.
  • Good Lighting: a properly lit image will allow you to see your product in the clearest and most natural way.
  • Too much editing: do not tweak too many or add filters, borders or marks to your images. We also do not allow collages, the images must contain only one image.
  • Flatshot: we recommend that your products be seen in a model. In this way, it will be much clearer how they stand.
  • Image with well defined products: when photographing jewelry, accessories, among others, it is better to avoid stacking or gathering more than one product in an image. This way we avoid confusing what product is being sold.
  • Third-party images: you must own the photos you upload in the store.
  • Color images: black and white images are not allowed.
  • Gateway image: gateway images are not allowed.

What are the Standards for Brands?

VELVET BCN Marketplace is focused on offering the best service to our customers. The MarketPlace Standards Guide offers a basic line for products, communication, shipping and returns. In this way we want to guarantee that from our shop a good shopping experience is offered to all those people interested in our products.

How to categorize unisex products?

There is no unisex selection, so you should list these products twice, once as Women's Clothing and once as Men's Clothing.

How long can a product stay in the catalog?

We do not have a limited life time. However, we believe that after 120 days in our catalog, you can contact us to see if we can help you know why it is not being sold.

Promote My brand in VELVET BCN

What does it mean to promote my brand?

The promotion of your brand offers you the option of creating personalized campaigns to offer and highlight your products within VELVET BCN.

How to promote my products?


En VELVET BCN te ofrecemos la posibilidad de dar a conocer tu marca a nuestra clientela:

  • Campaign on the front page: if you want to publicize your brand on the cover of our store, we can create a campaign that allows you to highlight and direct the clientele to the selection of your brand's products.
  • Featured products: we have reserved spaces on the cover for the promotion and sale of your products. Ask us.
  • Personalized Newsletter: if you really want to have an impact, we offer the possibility of creating a Newsletter for all our customers. Choose those products you want to publicize and we will create a campaign focused on the promotion and sale of your products.
  • Entry into our blog: talk about who is behind your project, make known the added value of your product. The best way to connect with your potential clientele.
  • Instagram highlights: we offer you the possibility to appear in our most requested network. We highlight your brand and link your products directly to the page of your product.
  • Post Facebook: we publish a post on Facebook within the groups with the highest participation of potential customers. We highlight your brand and link your products directly to the page of your product.

Can I change or cancel my brand promotion once confirmed?

Once you confirm your promotion, you will not be able to change it or cancel it.

How will the "Promote my Brand" payment be made?

The cost of the promotion will be added to your monthly bill.

How much does it cost to Promote my Brand?

Rates 2019

  • Cover campaign: € 2 / day - Minimum 15 - Maximum 45
  • Featured products: € 5 / product - 30 days or final stocks
  • Personalized newsletter: € 50
  • Post in our blog: € 50
  • Newsletter + Post in our blog: € 80
  • Instagram Highlights: € 15
  • Post Facebook: € 10

Sales and promotions

What are the sales and promotions?

In VELVET BCN we make rebates twice a year:

  • Summer: as of July 1
  • Winter: from January 7

We will send you an email to remind you that the dates are approaching and you can plan your catalog for the campaign.

Promotions are those specific offers that may affect the final sale price of your products.

How are products added to the sales?

  • Select the product you want to offer on Sale
  • Enter the associations section
  • Check the "Sale" option

Perform this operation with all those products you want to offer discounted.

What happens if I do not want to make rebates on my products?

You are completely free to carry out the strategy that you think is convenient for your brand. Remember that if a product is not on sale, discounts may apply..

How discount codes work in sales?

Offers and promotions are not cumulative. For this reason, if a product is on sale, other discounts can not be applied.

What percentage of the sale and promotions remains for VELVET BCN?

The agreed sales commission (20%) will be applied to the final price of the product on sale or on sale.

Invoices and withdrawal of funds

How and when will I collect my sales?

At the end of each month you can send us an invoice with the sales made during the month. You can do this by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your merchant account on our website
  • Click on "Withdraw funds" in the left column
  • Review and select the sales of the month you wish to charge
  • Attach the corresponding invoice

Once you do, in the following days you will receive income from your sales.

How will the shipping costs be paid?

The shipping costs of your orders will be charged every month. You will receive a summary with the details of your shipments, changes and returns made during the period of time.


How much time do I have to send my orders?

Orders must be prepared in a maximum of 1 business day, so we can pick it up. You can consult on MarketPlace Standards Guide.

What should my shipments include?

We recommend including a confirmation of shipping your brand. It is a good opportunity to thank your customers for choosing your product and make a positive impact purchase. It is worth paying special attention to take care of small details that leave a good impact and in this way get positive reviews.

How are shipments handled?

VELVET BCN has a logistics service contracted. At the moment you still can not use your own logistic operator. We hope to be able to solve this option in the shortest possible time.

Cancellation, refund and refund

Until when can an order be canceled?

Orders can be canceled by the buyer until the order is marked as shipped.

¿What happens when a client wants a refund?

All products can obtain a full refund, as long as the item is returned to the seller in the same conditions in which they were sent.
To make the refund the customer must inform by email in the following 14 days after receiving the product

What happens if someone wants to make a change?

It is mandatory to make an article change as long as the product received by the client is not in condition or is not the same as that which appears in the catalog.
You are not obligated to accept a change in other circumstances. But our experience tells us that it is always positive to leave a client happy.

Who is responsible for the shipping costs in case of error in an order?

In case you have made an error when sending the product of an order, it is up to you to cover the expenses. You will have to reimburse the amount by the same method of payment.