Purchase conditions

1. Terms and conditions


This website www.velvetbcn.com is owned by VELVET BCN SCCL with CIF F55708226 and fiscal address in CALLE VERDI, NUM. 42, 08012 BARCELONA - (BARCELONA).

The General Conditions of Contract regulate the distance selling relationship between VELVET BCN SCCL and the user or customer, in accordance with the legal provisions, in particular, Law 7/1998, of April 13, on General Conditions of Contract, the Law 3/2014 of 27 March amending the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, The Law 7/1996, dated January 15, on Retail Commerce, and Law 34/2002 of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

VELVET BCN SCCL se reserva el derecho a realizar las modificaciones que considere oportunas, sin aviso previo, en las Condiciones Generales. Dichas modificaciones podrán realizarse, a través de sus websites, por cualquier forma admisible en derecho y serán de obligado cumplimiento durante el tiempo en que se encuentren publicadas en la web y hasta que no sean modificadas válidamente por otras posteriores. No obstante, VELVET BCN SCCL se reserva el derecho de aplicar, en determinados casos, unas Condiciones Particulares de Contratación con preferencia a las presentes Condiciones Generales cuando lo considere oportuno, anunciándolas en tiempo y forma oportunos.


The duration of the contract will be linked to the delivery of the product without prejudice to the right of withdrawal.

You may also subscribe to the newsletter to receive offers of such products or general information that may be of interest to you.

As user or client expressly declares to know, understand and accept the conditions of use and these general contracting conditions. In the same way, it declares to be of legal age and to have the legal capacity and necessary action for the access to the websites of VELVET BCN SCCL and the contracting by means of the same.

To purchase our products, you can go to the corresponding section of our online store.

It is essential that you register as a user of the website to make the purchase online. You can access the corresponding section for the registration in the own web. In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, VELVET BCN SCCL informs users that personal data collected during the registration process and subsequent purchase will be entered into a file under their responsibility, With the purpose of processing these actions by the user and managing subsequent actions derived from them. VELVET BCN SCCL also informs the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by means of a letter to the address CALLE VERDI, NUM. 42, 08012 BARCELONA - (BARCELONA) or by e-mail shop@velvetbcn.com.

During the purchase process, you must identify yourself with the username and password provided. This information will not be public. You are responsible for dealing confidentially and responsibly with the identity and password obtained in the registry as a client, not being able to transfer them to another. You can modify the registered information at any time, in your customer area. In this section you will have access to a history of your orders, it is only a query section but its management is allowed, and the user can delete those records that he considers not necessary to visualize.

Once the purchase process has been completed, the customer will receive a confirmation by e-mail. It is imperative that during the purchase process the user indicates a valid email. If in 24 hours from the end of the order you do not receive the confirmation, please contact VELVET BCN SCCL at the telephone number of customer service 931269473 or by email shop@velvetbcn.com.

All the contents of the web are in Spanish, Catalan and English.

The customer, upon receipt of the product at the delivery address provided, will receive an invoice or copy of the order.


In case of a product on offer, the offer price and the validity of the product will always be indicated along with its essential characteristics.

In compliance with current regulations VELVET BCN SCCL offers information on all items for sale, their characteristics and prices. However, VELVET BCN SCCL reserves the right to withdraw, replace or change the products offered through its website, by simply changing the contents of it. In this way, the products offered at any time by the web will be governed by the General Conditions of Contract in force in each case. Likewise, the company will have the power to stop offering, without prior notice and at any time, access to the products mentioned.


The products offered in our online store, incorporate photographs and the essential characteristics of it, this is the information obtained from the manufacturer itself. The color of the product, observable in the photograph is not binding. In the characteristics the same is identified.


All products offered on the website enjoy the commercial guarantee of the supplier of the same. VELVET BCN SCCL has a after-sales service, while the guarantee is in force, the client can execute it by going to the VELVET BCN SCCL facility, to the after-sales service, via email to shop@velvetbcn.com or to the points established by the supplier. In case of doubt you can contact the telephone number of customer service 931269473 or by email shop@velvetbcn.com.


All products indicate the sale price in Euros and include Value Added Tax (VAT).

If any other tax is applicable, this would be indicated (IGIC o IPSI).


The customer can pay the amount of your order by choosing any of the following forms. During the purchase process you must indicate your choice:


All operations involving the transmission of personal or banking data are done using a secure environment, a server based on the standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security technology. All the information you transmit travels encrypted through the network.

Likewise, the data on your credit card are entered directly on the bank page, at the POS Terminal and are not entered or registered on any VELVET BCN SCCL server.

When paying with VISA or MASTERCARD card, the following information will always be requested: the card number, the expiry date, and a Validation Code that matches the last three digits of the number printed in italics on the back of your VISA or MASTERCARD card, offering, in this way, more guarantees about the security of the transaction.

This form of payment is valid only on the web.

If the amount of a purchase has been charged fraudulently or improperly using the number of a payment card, the holder may demand the immediate cancellation of the charge. In that case, the corresponding entries of debit and re-entry in the accounts of the supplier and the holder will be made as soon as possible.

However, if the purchase had actually been made by the cardholder and the demand for refund was not due to having exercised the right of withdrawal or resolution and, therefore, had unduly demanded the cancellation of the corresponding charge, that will remain obliged before VELVET BCN SCCL to compensate for the damages and damages caused as a result of said annulment.


When selecting the bank transfer you will receive, along with the confirmation of your order, an e-mail with the bank details of VELVET BCN SCCL.

It is very important that when making the transfer indicate in the subject the order number, as well as your name and surname, and make the transfer within 3 days after the date of confirmation of the order to validate it.

If you wish, you can send us the proof of the transfer by e-mail to shop@velvetbcn.com. But in any case, the order will not be considered effective until our administration department has no bank confirmation of the transfer.

Remember that the payment has to be made in EUROS and that all possible exchange and banking commissions run on their own.

In the case of bank transfers made from outside Spain, it is very important that when ordering the transfer always inform your bank to take charge of the commissions at source, those bank commissions and expenses corresponding to your entity. Otherwise, VELVET BCN SCCL could paralyze the shipment of your order by not receiving the full amount thereof.

Possible exchange and banking commissions are charged to the client.


Allows you to send payments online safely and conveniently. PayPal's network is based on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global payment solution in real time. PayPal offers a service specially designed for those who are not satisfied with traditional payment mechanisms.

More information in PayPal. http://www.paypal.com.

VELVET BCN SCCL is committed to deliver the order in a maximum of 24h (working days). *Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not deliveries.

The availability of the products offered by VELVET BCN SCCL may vary depending on the demand of the customers. Although VELVET BCN SCCL periodically updates the stock, the product requested by the customer may be exhausted at that time. In the event of non-execution due to unavailability, VELVET BCN SCCL will notify the client, by e-mail, at the moment they are aware of this situation. The period of this communication will not exceed in any case the maximum term of 30 days. VELVET BCN SCCL may provide the double option of: supplying the customer without price increase, a product with similar characteristics or of superior quality, or except justified and demonstrable reasons by VELVET BCN SCCL within this same period to pay the sums paid for the order canceled. In the event that VELVET BCN SCCL does not make this payment within the aforementioned period, the buyer may claim to be paid double the amount owed, without prejudice to his right to be compensated.


The buyer has a minimum term of fourteen natural days to give up, from the day the customer receives the product, without any penalty and without indication of the reasons.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal must be made by means of notification through telephone communication to 931269473, by e-mail to shop@velvetbcn.com, sending your letter to our postal address CALLE VERDI, NUM. 42, 08012 BARCELONA - (BARCELONA), or through the withdrawal form.

In accordance with the provisions of article 103 of Law 3/2014, of March 27, which amends the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, the provision of services or goods made in accordance with Consumer specifications or clearly customized, or which, by their nature, can not be returned or can deteriorate or expire quickly, are exempt from withdrawal.


Likewise, VELVET BCN SCCL reserves the right to file civil or criminal actions that it deems appropriate for the improper use of its website and contents or for non-compliance with these conditions.

The relationship between the user and the provider shall be governed by current legislation and application in Spanish territory. If any dispute arises, the parties may submit their disputes to arbitration or go to the ordinary jurisdiction, complying with the rules on jurisdiction and jurisdiction in this regard. VELVET BCN SCCL has its registered office in BARCELONA, Spain.

Payment methods

You can pay for your orders at VELVET BCN Sustainable Fashion with card, bank tranfer and Paypal.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro. Our payments are processed securely by our bank "Triodos".


We will send you an email with the necessary information to make a transfer for the amount of your order.


We offer you the possibility to pay with your Paypal account. If you want more information about this method of payment visit the oficial Paypal website.

If you have any question or question you can contact us by sending an email to shop@velvetbcn.com or calling at 931 269 473.

Shipping and delivery

1. Shipping costs and delivery times

* Shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Andorra and Portugal will be made in 2/3 days (there may be delays arising from customs procedures).

The costs and additional taxes generated by the customs procedures will be at the customer's expense.

2. Place of delivery

  • The delivery of the order will be made until 20h. (work days) at the address that you specified during the purchase process. If delivery can not be made, we will contact you to arrange another delivery time or other day, or if you prefer we will indicate a nearby office where to pick up the package.

3. Delivery days

*On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays we do not make deliveries.

If you have not received your order in the expected time, please contact us by sending an email to shop@velvetbcn.com or calling us at 931 269 473.



For a product change or return you must access to your orders, select the order and go to the "Merchandise change or return". You must tell us if it is a change or return and the reason. You can also make the change or return in our shop in CARRER VERDI 42, LOCAL 08012, BARCELONA, SPAIN.

You have 30 calendar days to change or return your order. We only accept items that have not been used and that come in their original box and in perfect condition. Do not cut the labels until you're sure that you're getting the natural product.

If all the conditions are met in order to make a change or return, you must send us the package to our address in CARRER VERDI 42, LOCAL 08012, BARCELONA, SPAIN.

Once we receive the product in our warehouse and we verify that it is in good condition, we will send you an email confirming the correct reception and we will proceed to:

  • send you the new product in case of change, with the same conditions of shipping and delivery.
  • return your money if it were a refund, ith the same method with which you made the payment and within a period of 7-14 days.


The costs of the shipments generated during the exchange or return process will be borne by the customer.

In any case, the costs and additional taxes generated by the customs procedures will be borne by the customer.


In the event of unwarranted delay by VELVET BCN SCCL, with respect to the return of the amounts paid, the client may claim twice as much of the sums paid, notwithstanding the right to be compensated for the damages suffered in which it exceeds this quantity.


In the event that the product is not in good condition and the causes are not your consequence, you have the right to return the product, informing us of the reason for the return and at no cost to you. We are committed to assume the cost of the return and (if possible) to return the product for a new one according to the conditions accepted at the time of sale.

If you have any question or question you can contact us by sending an email to shop@velvetbcn.com or calling us at 931 269 473.