Sustainable and Fair Trade Fashion

What is Ethical and Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fasfion

Every time a piece of clothing is manufactured, it is necessary to invest natural and human resources. Ethical and Sustainable Fashion is committed to reducing the impact during the process as much as possible, as well as guaranteeing decent work conditions for all those involved in manufacturing.

In VELVET BCN we think that it is just as important to take care of the environment as the workers who manufacture our collections.

How do we guarantee that all our products are Sustainable Fashion and Fair Trade?

We select all our brands before incorporating their products into our Eco & Fair Fashion catalog. All the fabrics used in the manufacture of the collections of our suppliers are organic production materials, recycled or innovative ecological materials.

All international brands with which we work and produce outside the EU have certificates that guarantee decent working conditions (Fairtrade, GOTSFairWearFoundation ...). We consider that the local production brands comply with the regulations in force in our territory, and we do not demand certification, also thanks to the proximity we have been able to visit some of their workshops.

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Is Sustainable and Fair Trade Fashion expensive?

No. All our suppliers work to manufacture top quality products that will make your garments last longer, preserving their design and the performance of the materials. Also at VELVET BCN we look for the best designs and a price scale to bring Ethical and Sustainable Fashion to all pockets.

Ecological clothes

Ecologic clothes

How is the environmental impact reduced?

In VELVET BCN we define Sustainable Fashion as the one that has the least possible impact during the entire manufacturing process of its products. Consider that this can be achieved using organic materials such as organic cotton, tencel, organic dyes ... guaranteeing their sustainable production with certificates (GOTS). This type of raw material cultivation uses less water in its production in addition to avoiding the use of pesticides.

Another way to reduce the ecological footprint is the use of recycled materials, this option allows a considerable reduction in the use of resources, in addition to avoiding waste.

Why are our products made with organic fabrics?

The use of natural fibers means an improvement in the quality and feel of your clothes. In addition, organic farming takes care of the environment and does not use toxic products. In this way, rivers and drinking water are not contaminated and producers are prevented from being exposed to chemical pesticides that cause serious diseases.

At the same time, we are very aware that clothing is in direct contact with your skin, using our products you are avoiding exposing your body to toxins and pesticides that are harmful to you.

Why do the fabrics of our brands have ecological certificates?

The certificates guarantee that your clothes have been subjected to a strict control over the resources destined to their manufacture and the prohibition of the use of products harmful to health and nature during the process.

Why use recycled materials?

The use of recycled materials (recycled PET, recycled cotton...) to create new fabrics allows us to use fewer resources in manufacturing. The production of new raw material is avoided, and in addition, the fabrics are recycled by colors, also avoiding the subsequent dyeing of the pieces. These products are also recyclable again, so the cycle closes forming a Circular Economy.

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Ethical fashion

Moda ética

What does it mean that my clothes have been manufactured in decent working conditions?

All Ethical Fashion brands produce your clothes in a fair way, guaranteeing the quality of work of the people who produce it. That means that they do not have abusive schedules, there is no child labor, wages allow a good quality of life ... in addition many of the fair trade brands mean an opportunity for social development in the manufacturing territory.

Do you sell local brands in VELVET BCN?

Since we started working with VELVET BCN we offer collaborations and facilities to sell your products in our Barcelona store as well as online. One of our objectives is to promote and promote local brands, that is why we carry out campaigns to support local brands.You can subscribe to our to receive information on all our local brands of organic clothing or visit our blog where you can find posts dedicated to our proximity brands.

Do brands that manufacture outside the U.E. do anything for the territory?

The commitment of the brands that have decided to manufacture outside of a different way to the one that has been done up to now, is making it possible to develop projects with a social and solidary perspective. They support development projects and social integration in the territories where they produce. They visit the factories where they produce ethically and have a long-term relationship with their producers and manufacturers.

Some of our international brands have their own foundations and development projects to support communities.